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Trainings and Webinars

Prior webinar trainings conducted by Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) staff members for Management Agents, focusing on LIHTC and HOME programs.  If there are questions regarding Compliance, please email Compliance Monitoring Unit or call (517) 241-2560. When e-mailing, please provide a descriptive subject line to assist with directing inquiries to the proper staff members.


02/08/2023 Compliance Annual Owner’s Certification – This webinar covers the who, why, and how of the Annual Owner’s Certification of Continued Program Compliance requirement. 2023 updates to the AOC forms, and a breakdown of forms required by funding source are also discussed:

2023 Compliance Annual Owner’s Certification webinar on YouTube

2023 Compliance Annual Owner’s Certification 02/08/2023 (PDF)

2022 Compliance Annual Owner’s Certification webinar on YouTube

2022 Compliance Annual Owner’s Certification 02/23/2022 (PDF)


10/12/2022 COL 2022 Update – This webinar is an excellent introduction to the use of the Certification On-Line website and offers both XML and Manual Entry users’ important knowledge of COL.

COL 2022 Update webinar on YouTube

COL 2022 Update 10/12/2022 (PDF)


10/20/2021 MSHDA Tenant File Management – This webinar offers new advice on how to keep the tenant file, what forms are required or optional, and an overview of the Digital Tenant File Audit process.

MSHDA Tenant File Management webinar on YouTube

Digital File Maintenance for Management Agents 10/12/2021 (PDF)