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MVAA releases educational videos on military and veterans for K-12 students

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) has produced two engaging videos to inform K-12 students about the U.S. military and life as a veteran during Veterans Day and anytime throughout the school year.

The educational videos—titled “MVAA Operation SAM: Support America’s Military”—are publicly available on YouTube and appropriate to be shown in a classroom or auditorium setting. The videos check in at just over 10 minutes apiece.

The videos are specific to grades K-6 at MVAA Operation Support America's Military K-6 and grades 6-12 at MVAA Operation Support America's Military 6-12

Narrated by “General Petosky,” the videos briefly describe each of the six military branches—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Space Force—and stress the importance of service members and veterans to a free nation and how veterans have earned benefits for their military service. 

The videos offer activities to engage students. The younger students sing along to a marching cadence, for example, while the older students are asked to look up famous veterans on their smart phones. Teachers are encouraged to watch the videos first to see how the content can supplement their curriculum. 

The videos are part of MVAA’s Speakers Bureau, which aims to cultivate patriotism and build support for service members and Michigan 530,000-plus military veterans and their families.