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DIFS earns recognition as Gold-level Veteran-Friendly Employer

Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Director Brian L. Love and Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services Director Anita Fox pose with DIFS Veteran Employee Resource Group.

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) today announced that it has earned recognition as a Gold-level Veteran-Friendly Employer from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA). The prestigious Gold-level designation has been granted to just over 4% of the more than 570 veteran-friendly employers across the state. To date, DIFS is one of nine state departments to earn the recognition.

"Our Department is committed to recruiting and retaining veterans and veterans’ family members and we are proud to have earned the Gold-level Veteran-Friendly Employer designation from our partners at the MVAA,” said DIFS Director Anita Fox. "With our new certification, we will continue to leverage top veteran talent to serve Michigan consumers and businesses. To learn more about the highly rewarding careers available at DIFS, visit"

In November 2023, DIFS was designated a Michigan Veteran Connector by the MVAA. The Veteran Connector initiative is part of the Governor’s Challenge to reduce suicide among service members, veterans, and their families. DIFS is one of eight State of Michigan units to be certified as a Michigan Veteran Connector.

DIFS currently employs 12 veterans on its staff., and its Veterans Employee Resource Group provides a forum for current or past service members to educate, empower, and encourage other veterans, family members of veterans, and peers wanting to learn more about what constitutes being a veteran.

“MVAA is proud to name DIFS a Gold-Level Veteran-Friendly Employer because we know how committed they are to building a workplace that is welcoming to veterans,” said MVAA Director Brian L. Love. “DIFS is one of the few state departments that entered the program at the Silver Level, skipping Bronze, meaning they were already doing the work to support veterans in their workforce. It’s critical to the success of state government that we take the lead in recruiting, retaining and supporting veterans as they bring a unique and diverse perspective to the workforce.”

Since being created in 2013, the Veteran-Friendly Employer Program has recognized more than 500 Michigan employers with either Bronze-, Silver- or Gold-level status for their efforts in supporting the recruitment, training, and retention of veteran workforce talent. To be designated as a Gold-level Veteran-Friendly Employer, employers must retain at least 75% of veteran hires over the most recent 12 months, implement internal veteran support networks, and have a veteran-specific onboarding/orientation process, among other requirements.

As part of the program, MVAA aids employers as they develop and improve their efforts to recruit and retain high-quality veteran candidates.

Organizations can learn more about becoming a Veteran-Friendly Employer, including obtaining an application, by visiting the MVAA website.