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AG Nessel Reaches Assurance of Voluntary Compliance Agreement with Frontier Communications

LANSING - Following internet concerns from consumers, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel reached an agreement with Frontier Communications to address proper advertising and service speeds.  

The Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC), which was filed in Ingham County Circuit Court, is now available on the Department of Attorney General website.   

In May, Nessel joined a lawsuit initiated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Internet service provider Frontier Communications, alleging that the company did not provide many consumers with internet service at the speeds it promised them and charged many for more expensive and higher-speed service than the company actually provided.  

Although allowing the FTC to proceed with its case, the federal court in California dismissed claims brought by Michigan and other states without prejudice. As the Attorney General was preparing an anticipated court filing for a Michigan court, discussions between the Department and Frontier resulted in an amicable outcome, mooting the need for further investigation or litigation.  

The agreement reached this week includes a $15 million commitment by Frontier to improve its infrastructure in Michigan over the next four years, as well as $20,000 made available for consumers who submitted complaints to the Department or the Better Business Bureau. The Consumer Protection Team will be reaching out directly to consumers who qualify.  

Frontier has also committed to improved marketing and opt-out opportunities for consumers who do not receive the advertised internet speed purchased.  

A similar agreement was reached in February with a much smaller service provider - Countrywide Broadband - following complaints related to internet service purchased in rural areas.   

"We continue to fight for consumers receiving inadequate internet service," Nessel said. "With more Michiganders working from home than ever before, the need for them to get what they are paying for has never been greater. Anyone who feels they are being misled by a service provider is encouraged to file a complaint with our Consumer Protection Team."  

Your connection to consumer protection is just a click or phone call away. Consumer complaints can be filed online at the Attorney General's website, or if you have questions call 877-765-8388.