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EATF Committee List

The Elder Abuse Task Force is made up the following committees:

  • Public Awareness - Increase public awareness of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation, and how to report maltreatment. Creates brochures and posters, and posts information online. The Court Watcher program also operates out of this committee.
  • Training and Education - Creates video training for law enforcement, prosecutors, guardians, attorneys, health care providers, and other elder and vulnerable adult care workers on the subjects of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.
  • Courts and State Court Administrator's Office - Reviews court practice and procedure as it relates to guardianships and conservatorships, and recommends changes to improve the elder and vulnerable adult care system.
  • Law Enforcement - Reviews statewide practices, procedures, tools and training for officers and prosecutors as they pertain to elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.
  • Policy and Legislation - Drafts and reviews legislative proposals to improve Michigan's response to elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Development - Creates a model protocol for multidisciplinary teams and to promote creation of teams in every county to address elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation with a system-wide response.
  • Data Collection and Research - Collects and analyzes data from the probate courts and state court administrative office to assist in the identification of trends and statistical patterns to guide decision making pertaining to guardian caseload, guardian and conservator appointments and other related elder care issues.
  • Funding and Resources - Focuses on identifying funding needs and funding sources for written materials, videos, and other informational resources related to the elder justice system.
  • Initiatives - Focuses on identifying specific initiatives that will make a substantive difference in combating all forms abuse, neglect, or exploitation of older individuals.