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Nessel Urges Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to Hold Bluewater Gas Storage to its Commitment to Resident Safety

LANSING - Citing concerns for the safety of Macomb County residents, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Monday sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) urging commissioners to require Bluewater Gas Storage, LLC to take additional safety precautions to protect nearby residents as part of the company’s application to construct a new compressor station in Macomb County.

In her letter, Attorney General Nessel points to the requests of nearby residents to construct a large berm around the compressor site to provide a buffer between the site and the community as one way to improve public safety.

“When a compressor station is located next to a neighborhood, public safety must be a top priority,” Nessel said. “It is critical Bluewater take every precaution possible to protect nearby residents from potential danger. Right now, the company has failed to do that.”

In its May 23 application, Bluewater stated it is committed to working cooperatively with landowners and other stakeholders to address their concerns and mitigate adverse impacts wherever practicable.

“The company’s promises and its actions seem to be at odds,” Nessel said. “The construction of this berm is exactly the type of measure Bluewater promised it would consider when it filed its application. I’m counting on the commission to hold Bluewater to its commitment and make certain that the safety of our residents is the company’s top priority, not its bottom line.”

FERC met with area residents Wednesday to hear their concerns before visiting the proposed site for the new compressor station.

As Michigan’s chief consumer advocate, the Attorney General may intervene in any utility case brought before the Michigan Public Service Commission or the FERC. This is another example of the Attorney General’s commitment to protecting Michigan residents and consumers.

A copy of the letter can be read here.