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Nessel Issues Statement on Sixth Circuit Decision in Literacy Case

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel today issued the following statement on the Sixth Circuit's recent decision to dismiss an en banc petition in the Gary B., et al v. Gretchen Whitmer, et al case: 

"The Sixth Circuit's recent dismissal of the en banc petition in the Gary B case leaves for another day a very important decision regarding education. I am hopeful that in the future the Sixth Circuit—and eventually the U.S. Supreme Court—will recognize, as the initial Sixth Circuit panel did, that there is a fundamental right to a basic minimum education. Now more than ever, a basic minimum education is critical in allowing every individual—no matter who they are or where they live—to exercise their constitutional rights, to respond to the complexities of modern life, and to rise above racial and socioeconomic barriers. And I continue to feel strongly that the absence of a minimally adequate public education jeopardizes the very foundation on which our American democracy rests."