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Attorney General Nessel Notes Another Legal Loss for GOP Efforts to Stop Certification of Michigan Votes

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel welcomed another legal decision – also by Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy M. Kenny – that rejected a request by Republicans to halt the certification of election results in Detroit and Wayne County.

“Once again, this decision affirms the careful and transparent process established by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and overseen in Detroit by Michigan’s premier elections expert Christopher Thomas,” said Nessel. “Michigan voters can be assured that this election was fair, accurate and transparent. Every one of these attempts is a blatant effort to undermine the voices of a majority of Michigan voters. No party or politician can steal this election away from the voters of Michigan.”

Kenny cited an affidavit by Thomas throughout his opinion and took issue with the claims by several of those who submitted affidavits on behalf of the plaintiffs, including a former assistant attorney general and a former legislator who once ran for governor.

Thomas is the foremost elections expert in Michigan and a highly regarded non-partisan steward of the elections process. He served as the director of elections for 40 years, under four different Secretaries: Democrat Richard Austin and Republicans Candice Miller, Terri Lynn Land and Ruth Johnson. Secretary Benson appointed him as senior adviser to Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey and in that capacity, he advised Winfrey and her team on a variety of election laws and procedures. In addition, Kenny noted, Thomas invited challenger organizations and political parties to the TCF Center to walk through the absentee voter counting facility and process. None of the plaintiff affiants chose to attend.

Kenny’s opinion concluded by stating that the “affidavits … paint a picture of sinister fraudulent activities occurring both openly in the TCF Center and under the cloak of darkness … and are decidedly contradicted by the highly-respected former State Elections Director Christopher Thomas.”

“Secretary Benson was wise to bring in one of the top election advisers in the country – and by far the most learned individual in the state of Michigan – to oversee the largest counting board in the state,” said Nessel. “No one can hold a candle to the experience, wisdom and objectivity that Chris Thomas brought to this election – and Judge Kenny rightfully acknowledged that throughout his opinion. 

“The bottom line is that every desperate legal attempt to undermine the will of the majority of voters in Michigan has met a judicial wall built on facts and reason. It is time to accept the inevitable and allow for a peaceful transition for our state and for our country.”