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AG Nessel Informs Michiganders of Free Weekly Access to Credit Reports

LANSING –  To encourage Michiganders to consistently monitor their credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel today urged Michiganders to take advantage of the recently announced extension of  free weekly access from Experian, Equifax and Transunion. The FTC shared the news recently that at no cost, anyone can access their credit report weekly until April 2022.

In a time when there is a considerable amount of financial uncertainty for so many, Michiganders can get their free report online.  

“The pandemic has brought with it financial hardship for so many Michiganders and people across the country. That is why it’s even more important for everyone to stay up-to-date on the contents of their credit reports.” said Nessel. “From being aware of potential fraudulent activity to knowing which creditors to contact for assistance, having access to these crucial financial documents is imperative to one’s financial health.” 

As part of the consumer alert library available via the Attorney General’s webpage, Michiganders can reference the Free Annual Credit Reports: What Consumers Should Know alert anytime to better understand how to safely and securely access their three credit reports.  Additional details related to credit freezes and fraud alerts are available here

The FTC encourages all consumers who may be struggling to pay their bills right now because of the ongoing pandemic to: 

Contact the companies you owe money to. Ask if they can postpone your payment, put you on a payment plan, or give you a temporary forbearance. 

Check your credit report regularly to make sure it’s correct — especially any new payment arrangements or temporary forbearance. The CARES Act generally requires your creditors to report these accounts as current. 

Fix any errors or mistakes that you spot on your credit report. Notify the credit reporting agencies directly. You can find out more by reading Disputing Errors on Credit Reports

It is important to remember that your connection to consumer protection is just a click or phone call away. Consumer complaints can be filed online at the Attorney General’s website, or by calling 877-765-8388. 


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