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AG Nessel Statement Reaffirming Commitment to Abortion Rights

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued the following statement this morning:

“In light of recent court filings, I renew my pledge that neither I nor anyone from my office will defend the statute in Michigan that criminalizes abortion. As the defendant in this case, I am entitled to legal representation consistent with my beliefs. Were the court to order an attorney from my office to take a legal position contrary to the one I choose, it would undermine the integrity of our judicial process and implicate serious constitutional concerns based on the separation of powers doctrine. At its core, our judicial system is built on real and meaningful adversity between the parties in a case. There is no adversity here. I stand with Planned Parenthood in affirming that Michigan’s 1931 law criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional. I stand with Planned Parenthood in the understanding that this law will result in women being denied essential - and in some cases - life-saving medical treatment. I stand with Planned Parenthood in pledging to do whatever is necessary to fight for a woman’s right to make medical decisions for herself free from government intrusion. I will not defend a law that I find unconstitutional and unconscionable. I will not compromise my commitment to the people of this state nor will I violate the oath I swore to defend the constitution of the state of Michigan."