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Bauserman Unemployment Insurance Agency False Fraud Class Action Deadline Nears

LANSING – The deadline for Michigan residents to join the proposed Class Action Settlement detailed in the Amended Settlement Agreement in Bauserman v. Unemployment Insurance Agency is fast approaching, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel reminded residents.

Eligible claimants are required to submit a completed Registration Form, by April 5, 2023, and submit a Claim Form by April 14, 2023. The Registration Form and Claim Form are available for completion on-line.

“I am hopeful that affected Michigan residents will take advantage of this opportunity to join in the class settlement,” said Nessel. “While this settlement cannot undo the hardships these residents faced, it does secure the long overdue relief that they deserve.”


Eligible claimants may be entitled to an award from the Compensation Fund for their economic losses and they may also be eligible for an additional award of compensation for hardships related to the wrongful collection activity. 

To be eligible for an award of compensation, a Claimant must meet the definition of the Settlement Class:

A Claimant is eligible if:

  • He/she received an initial Determination or Re-Determination of Intentional Misrepresentation issued by the Agency between October 1, 2013, and August 31, 2015, issued initially through the Agency’s auto-adjudication process, and,
  • Suffered a first Collection on or after March 9, 2015, and he/she does not opt-out from the Settlement.

The Notice was mailed to each known Class Member in February.  This Notice provided:

  • Contact information for Class Counsel and the Claims Administrator,
  • A table of important dates, 
  • Instructions on what documents Claimants must submit to be eligible under the Settlement Agreement. 
  • The appeal process concerning disputes about eligibility for participation in the Settlement Class and disagreements over the monetary award.

Those individuals who do not directly receive a Notice and believe they qualify as an eligible member of the defined Settlement Class, can find the notice posted online, along with a link to register.

The Court appointed as Claims Administrator, UIA Fraud Class Action, c/o Analytics Consulting LLC, P.O. Box 2002, Chanhassen, MN 55317-2002, Phone: 1-833-438-5028 Fax: 952.404.5750 Email.

The Court appointed Michael L. Pitt, Jennifer L. Lord, Kevin M. Carlson, Bayan Jaber, and Beth M. Rivers as Class Counsel for the Settlement Class. Class Counsel can be reached at 248-658-0014 or via email.


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