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Lenawee County Sheriffs Deputy Pleads on Willful Neglect in Shooting of Unarmed Suspect

LANSING – Kirk June, 54, a Lenawee County Sheriff’s Deputy, has pled no contest to one count of Willful Neglect of Duty after he accidentally shot an unarmed suspect with his firearm, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced.

On April 3, 2022, June employed the Sheriff’s Department K9 to search for a suspect in a vacant lot. The dog found the victim lying on the ground and unarmed. June pulled out his weapon and accidentally discharged it, hitting the victim in the shoulder.

“Officers who harm the community members they are sworn to protect must be held to account,” Nessel said. “The reckless or negligent shooting of an unarmed suspect is a serious offense, not a workplace accident. I’m grateful to my department’s staff for their work on this matter. Not everyone is cut out to wear a badge and this plea will ensure this defendant no longer serves as a Lenawee County Deputy.”

A condition of June’s plea requires him to resign from the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department. His sentencing is scheduled for August 4, 2023.


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