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Attorney General Nessel Releases Statement on Tabulator Access Indictments

LANSING - The tabulator tampering investigation was referred by the Department of Attorney General to the Michigan Prosecuting Attorney’s Coordinating Council for the appointment of a special prosecutor in August 2022. The Department has not been involved in the investigation since. Neither Attorney General Dana Nessel nor the Department can comment on the specifics of the prosecution, however, the Department trusts in the judicial process and that Prosecutor Hilson is working in the best interest of justice. 

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued the following statement in response:

“We know the 2020 Presidential Election in Michigan was the most heavily scrutinized election in American history, and every audit and review found the election to be secure, fair, and accurate to the will of the voters. The alleged actions by these defendants, and others, who worked to erode trust in our election system caused undeniable harm to our democracy. 

“A grand jury indictment requires a prosecutor to meet a much higher threshold than the more routine charging process in Michigan. In this instance, the special prosecutor took the additional, extraordinary measure of seeking a court ruling on the legality of at least one of the charges prior to closing the presentation of the facts in order to secure the indictments. 

“These allegations are incredibly serious and unprecedented. The 2024 presidential election will soon be upon us. The lies espoused by attorneys involved in this matter, and those who worked in concert with them across the nation, wreaked havoc and sowed distrust within our democratic institutions and processes. We hope for swift justice in the courts, and that the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission takes a sincere and sober assessment of the actions of the attorneys involved in the campaign of circulating disinformation about our elections and any related criminal activities. Lawyers who utilize their professional licenses to undermine our democracy and violate the law have no business practicing law in Michigan or any other state. Furthermore, every officeholder, including local clerks, sheriffs, and legislators, should be expected to uphold and abide by the law. Our democracy simply cannot survive further attacks from within these essential offices of local, county and state government.”


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