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Department Special Agents Conducting Election Security Operations, Coordinating with Federal, State, Local Agencies to Promote Safe and Secure Election Day

LANSING – Today, election day in Michigan’s presidential primary, the Michigan Department of Attorney General will participate in coordinated efforts to monitor and, if necessary, respond to disturbances at voting sites statewide to best ensure a safe and secure election.  

“The Department of Attorney General is taking a leading role in coordinating election security statewide, and months of planning with our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners will ensure a safe and secure election day,” said Nessel.  “Defending democracy is a responsibility we all share as Americans, but some days it takes a law enforcement defense, and I’m proud this department has taken a leading role in statewide planning and day-of operations. I am especially thankful to the Special Agents in my office working with our partners at the FBI, the Michigan State Police, the Bureau of Elections, and local law enforcement throughout the State to provide a secure election day for Michigan voters.”

The Department’s Criminal Investigations Division has for weeks been at work to prepare and provide security material and informational briefing to security planners and law enforcement personnel charged with executing the 2024 presidential primary in Michigan, equipping these safety professionals with the most current and credible intelligence from open-source analysis and law enforcement sources.

Today's election security operation follows months of meetings, headed by the Department of Attorney General, that have included, in addition to Special Agents of this Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Michigan State Police, the Bureau of Elections and Department of State, and staff from the executive office of the Governor. The Department of Attorney General has established a tip line for the use of law enforcement officials and municipal and county clerks and will be operating a centralized command post while the polls are open and after close of the polls at 8 p.m. tonight.  

Special Agents from the Department of Attorney General stand ready to respond to election sites anywhere in the State should security needs arise. Similar robust operations are planned for each subsequent 2024 election day in Michigan.


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