Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan

The Administrative Plan is a supporting document to the MSHDA Public Housing Authority (PHA) Plan and is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The purpose of the Administrative Plan is to establish policies for carrying out the programs of the Housing Choice Voucher program in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and to carry out the goals and objectives contained in the MSHDA PHA Plan.

The Administrative Plan is reviewed annually by PHA staff and appropriate updates made to reflect changes in regulations, PHA operations, or when needed to ensure staff consistency in operations.

Documents are provided in PDF format.

Approved FY 2019-2020 Administrative Plan - April 2019

The MSHDA Rental Assistance and Homeless Solutions Division has prepared an Administrative Plan which states its policy for implementing the Housing Choice Voucher and Moderate Rehabilitation Programs.

Table of Contents


  1. Overview of the Program and Plan
  2. Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
  3. Eligibility
  4. Applications,List and Tenant  Waiting Selection
  5. Briefings and Voucher Issuance
  6. Income and Subsidy Determinations
  7. Verification
  8. Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonableness Determinations
  9. General Leasing Policies
  10. Moving with Continued Assistance and Portability
  11. Reexaminations
  12. Termination of Assistance and Tenancy
  13. Owners
  14. Program Integrity
  15. Special Housing Types
  16. Program Administration
  17. Project-Based Vouchers