Elder Abuse Task Force

Elder Abuse Task Force

  • The Task Force launched in 2019 and consists of more than 55 different organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors - all working together to combat elder abuse.  

    The more than 100 individuals on the Task Force are divided into seven committees working diligently to accomplish nine initiatives. Achievements include the adoption of a Vulnerable Adult Incident Report form for investigations by law enforcement across the state, including the implementation of related trainings. 

    In addition to the vulnerable adult incident report and associated trainings, the Financial Exploitation Prevention Act was passed that ensures mandated reporting for financial institutions on suspected fraud or exploitation. Additionally, legislation has been introduced to address the remainder of the First Revised initiatives and the Task Force is eager to work with its legislative partners this year to put in place increased protections for Michigan's most vulnerable. 

    Elder Abuse Task Force Committees


Michigan Vulnerable Adult Teams (MI-VAT)

  • This investigative protocol is a guide for establishing Michigan Vulnerable Adult Teams (Mi-VAT).  Mi-VAT are a type of Multidisciplinary Team established at the county level to investigate and prosecute vulnerable adult abuse cases.

    M-VAT report cover

Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (E-MDT)

  • This is a guide to create a community-based Enhanced Multidisciplinary Team (E-MDT). This is a companion document to the Michigan Vulnerable Adult Teams (MI-VAT) Investigative Protocol.

    E-MDT Report cover

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation

  • *Source material used with permission from the National Center on Elder Abuse



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