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Nessel First AG in Nearly 20 Years to Engage with Institute of Public Utilities

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel joined members of the Institute of Public Utilities (IPU) today to talk about the importance and her office’s renewed commitment of consumer protection and affordable, reliable and renewable energy. This is the first time since Attorney General Frank Kelley an Attorney General has visited with IPU’s members.

“We are lucky to have such a great resource like the Institute of Public Utilities on our doorstep,” Nessel said. “This is important work for my office and I’m eager to revive the long legacy started by the Eternal General Frank Kelley: The People’s Advocate in public utilities matters."

Over the past 10 years, Michigan residential electric rates have increased 41 percent, compared to only 18 percent in the rest of the Midwest.

Nessel recently signed on to a letter asking Congress to increase funding for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program to help ease the burden of high energy rates on struggling families’ budgets.

“Affordability is as important to me as it is to the residents of this state,” Nessel added. “I want them to know I have their back. Rates in this state are extremely high and we must do a better job of keeping them affordable, especially for our state’s most vulnerable populations.”

Last year, the department’s Special Litigation Division intervened and litigated over 50 different utility cases saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.