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Nessel: Trump Administration's 'Affordable Clean Energy' Rule is Backward Facing

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel issued the following statement on the Trump Administration's final "Affordable Clean Energy" rule.

"I will oppose the Trump Administration’s attempt to keep America dependent on 19th century technology and ignore the impacts of greenhouse gases on our climate.  The so called 'Affordable Clean Energy Rule' would replace the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which would have reduced our dependency on old, coal-fired power plants, encouraged clean energy generation, and protected our environment and public health.

"I will be working with other states to challenge this backward facing 'regulation' that will do nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and address the imminent threat presented by climate change.  While the rest of the world is working to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Trump Administration continues to pander to its fossil fuel supporters."