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AG Nessel, Senators Moss and Johnson Talk Consumer Protection in Scam Jam Video

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel teamed up in a video with Sen. Jeremy Moss, D-Southfield, and Sen. Ruth Johnson, R-Holly to address the work they’re doing to address price-gouging across the state.

From the package of bipartisan bills introduced by the Senators to the actions taken against both brick and mortar and online retailers by Attorney General Nessel, the elected officials are working together to ensure all Michiganders are protected under the law from those looking to take advantage of them.

“I am grateful to both Senators Moss and Johnson for their work to strengthen our efforts to protect consumers and for ensuring Michiganders aren’t taken advantage of by businesses acting in bad faith, and for taking a moment to share that work with all of us,” said Nessel.

“Attorney General Dana Nessel invited me to volunteer with her team during this crisis to answer the many calls coming into her Consumer Protection Team from people reporting price-gouging in their communities,” said Moss. “When this state of emergency ends and the Governor’s temporary executive order expires, law enforcement will be seeking permanent tools to protect consumers who are in need of essential supplies during a crisis. That’s why I’m so proud to introduce these bills to ensure that Michigan joins more than 30 other states who have our temporary executive order already permanently in their state law.”

“Businesses have the right to make an honest profit, but not to prey on people’s fears and charge them $90 for a couple bottles of hand sanitizer,” Johnson said. “In Ohio, a man tried to sell N95 masks for almost 20 times their normal retail price to a customer who had already identified herself as an emergency room nurse. Unfortunately, there are bad actors and that’s why we need laws like this.”

The video -- along with a series of others -- are part of AG Nessel’s effort to continue to spread the word on the importance of consumer protection enforcement and education.

Since mid-March, the Consumer Protection Team has received a total of 3,660 price-gouging complaints and nearly 9,000 phone calls.

The Attorney General’s office is actively tracking consumer complaints related to COVID-19 and is evaluating the reports to determine what actions to take.

Michigan residents are urged to report any violation of the Consumer Protection Act online or by calling 877-765-8388.