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AG Nessel Reminds Michiganders to Research Home Improvement Offers

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is sharing important reminders as many Michiganders prepare for home improvement projects and the summer months create opportunities for scammers. 

Her latest Consumer Protection video is the final installment in Nessel's informative and humorous series focused on educating consumers.

If someone comes to your door to offer repairs or improvements, do your research before committing to anything.  

"Anytime someone approaches you with a home improvement deal that seems too good to pass up, or they want to you act right away, you should be skeptical-especially when you aren't sure your home actually needs repairs," Nessel said. "In addition to doing your homework, try getting quotes from multiple companies to determine reasonable costs for the work and remember you can say 'no' if someone is becoming too pushy with an offer." 

Michiganders should especially be on high alert right after a big storm that's likely to cause damage. Clean-up days are primetime for scammers who like to prey on homeowners looking for help with unexpected repairs. 

Additional tips can be found in the Department's Consumer Alert focused on advice for homeowners.

Last month, Nessel shared ways to identify thieves who will try to trick people into giving out their personal information.

Previously, Nessel walked through how to verify a license before hiring for home projectsreminded people to vet their tax preparers and she shared tips for spotting COVID-related scams

The videos have been posted periodically on the Department's FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.  

Additional resources are always available by visiting the Attorney General's Consumer Protection webpage.    


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