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AG Nessel Reaches Agreement with Michigan Business Over Alleged False COVID 19 Prevention Claims

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel entered into an assurance of voluntary compliance (AVC) with a West Michigan-based business after the owner, on a television show, allegedly made misleading claims about a product's ability to prevent COVID-19. 

In May, the Department sent a notice of intended action (NIA) to Stephanie Davison, who is the principal of Skin Envy, LLC.  

Davison operates non-surgical weight-loss centers in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. She was also on the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiancé. 

The Department received a complaint following Davison's appearance on a local West Michigan lifestyle show to promote Skin Envy's ipamorelin/sermorelin injections. 

During the program, Davison suggested the injections prevent COVID-19, stating she never became ill with COVID-19 and that "I have had people tell me in the medical field that it is probably due to" the injections. She encouraged consumers to purchase the injections "if you're scared" of getting COVID-19, adding there aren't "any studies." Her website also claimed sermorelin "strengthens the immune system" while neglecting to mention potential side effects. 

Since issuing the NIA, the Department has been reviewing ways Davison can resolve the Department's concerns regarding her business practices.  

The AVC, signed last week by Davison, agrees to the following: 

  • public retraction on Davison's Instagram account for 30 days; 
  • add language to the Skin Envy website warning customers of potential injection side effects; 
  • payment of $4,000 to the Department as contribution for investigation costs. 

"I am pleased to see Ms. Davison take responsibility in this matter, and it is my hope it can serve as a reminder that my office takes misleading and false claims related to consumer products very seriously," Nessel said.  

The AVC is on the Department's website