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AG Nessel Issues Information, Warning Related to Morley Companies Data Breach

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is sharing consumer protection reminders following a data breach at Morley Companies, headquartered in Saginaw, that affected more than 521,000 people.  

Last week, Morley Companies, which serves business clients, including certain health plans, shared news of "a data security incident that may have impacted data belonging to current employees, former employees and various clients. Morley has sent notification of this incident to potentially impacted individuals and has provided resources to assist them," the company said in a press release

An investigation, which began in August, revealed that the attackers may have gained access to client and employee data, including personal and protected health information.  The potentially stolen information includes names, home addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, client identification numbers, health insurance information, medical diagnostics, and medical treatment information.   

While the notification letters going to potentially affected individuals are legitimate, bad actors may take the opportunity to use the breach to access additional personal information. 

"Watch out for fraudulent emails, phone calls, and text messages seeking personal or banking information in connection to the Morley breach," Nessel said. "As recipients of the notice will see in Morley's letter, the company will explain steps to take to protect the information, as well as access to free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. If you receive other correspondence that asks you do to something like call a number to confirm your personal information, assume it's a scam." 

For more information, read Nessel's Data Breaches: What to do Next Consumer Alert

The Department provides a library of resources for consumers to review anytime on a variety of topics.   

Your connection to consumer protection is just a click or phone call away. Consumer complaints can be filed online at the Attorney General's website, or if you have questions call 877-765-8388.