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Claims Period in Historic Flint Water Settlement Extended

LANSING – Judge Levy of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan entered an order today extending the Flint Water Settlement claims filing deadline to June 30, 2022. The original deadline was this Thursday, May 12. 

The order was entered based on a Report and Recommendation filed by the Special Master, who was appointed by the Court to oversee implementation of the settlement. The Special Master’s report stated: 

“It is clear that the process of obtaining certain documents has proven to be more time consuming than anticipated and in order to assure the most orderly process – that does not involve multiple supplemental submissions (which then requires additional reviews) – it would be helpful and appropriate to extend the deadline for submission of claims for a short period of time. In making this observation, I am mindful that it is essential to have a firm deadline and to bring the process to an end. At the same time, it is important to assist those who are still working on their claims and to give them sufficient time to complete the process.” 

The extension provides individuals who have previously registered additional time to submit their claims forms and related materials either online or through the mail. Claimants, however, are encouraged to file online, if possible, to assist with processing.  

Registrants are encouraged to submit their claims as soon as possible. The claims administrator has established a telephone help line that registrants can call for assistance in any aspect of the claims process. That telephone number is (800) 493-1754. 

The historic settlement was formally approved in November. A breakdown of contributing defendants is as follows: 

  • State of Michigan, $600 million; 
  • City of Flint, $20 million through its insurer; 
  • McLaren Regional Medical Center, $5 million; and  
  • Rowe Professional Services Co., $1.25 million. 


Judge Levy gave preliminary approval to the settlement last January, which established the process through which Flint residents could indicate their intention to file eligible settlement claims that will be processed and paid by the claims administrator.  

During the settlement’s three-day fairness hearing in July, Judge Judith E. Levy listened to arguments and objections to determine whether the settlement is fair, adequate and reasonable. She issued her ruling approving the settlement in November.  

Detailed information will continue to be available on the claims administrator website

The preliminary agreement specified that about 80% of the net settlement fund will be spent on claims of children who were minors when first exposed to the Flint River water, with a large majority of that amount to be paid for claims of children age six and younger, and earmarking 2% to go to special education services in Genesee County. Another 18% of the net settlement funds are to be spent on claims of adults and for property damage. Roughly 1% will go toward claims for business losses. 

The amount of money to be paid to individual claimants won’t be determined until the claims process ends as it depends, in part, on the number of claims submitted and found to be eligible. 

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