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AG Nessel’s Consumer Protection Team Sends Letter to Gaylord Mobile Home Park

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel continues to advocate for Gaylord-area residents impacted by last month’s damaging tornado. 

In a letter sent to the owner of Nottingham Forest Mobile Home Park, Nessel’s Consumer Protection Team discussed the cleanup and debris clearing occurring in the neighborhood. 

“Our concern is that residents were not given any notice or opportunity to secure personal belongings before they were scooped up in the debris clearing,” the letter states. “Appreciating that the situation at Nottingham Forest was both unforeseen and unfortunate, the loss of a home comes with it the potential loss of a lifetime’s worth of belongings. Such property includes the necessities of clothing and cash, and the comforts of photographs, memorabilia, and family heirlooms. The letter explaining that ‘debris’ was going to be cleaned up in no way embraces both the monetary or emotional value of the property implicated in this tragic matter. We are thus left wondering whether the ‘rubble’ that Mr. Puzzuoli kept referring to might also have included salvageable treasures, even if that value is known only in the hearts of their owners. A fair opportunity for recovery in the wake of such tragic circumstances is thus the prudent course pointed to by any compass. And so we appreciate Mr. Puzzuoli’s willingness to change his process as relates to the balance of the clean-up.” 

The Department does not intend to take additional action unless it’s warranted. 

“I’ve asked my team to communicate with the owner of Nottingham Forest in an effort to best protect residents,” Nessel said. “In the event residents feel clearing of homes demolished by the tornado was done without proper notice, we ask them to notify my Consumer Protection Team by filing a complaint online.”

A copy of the letter, which was sent Friday, is now available on the Department of Attorney General website