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Cease-and-Desist Issued to Iowa Manufacturer for Deceptive Marketing Practices

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has issued a cease-and-desist letter to Intoxalock regarding its misleading advertisements. Intoxalock is an Iowa-based company that manufactures, sells, and installs “breath alcohol ignition interlock devices” (BAIIDs) throughout the nation.

The letter, dated March 15, 2023, states that the Department has “received information from multiple sources that Intoxalock is contacting individuals who have entered pleas for operating while intoxicated but have not been sentenced.” It continues that the information Intoxalock has been mailing is designed to “appear to come from a governmental entity or to reflect a mandatory obligation resulting from a legal proceeding.” According to complaints, these mailings have caused some consumers to pay for and install BAIIDs they do not need.

Intoxalock has been certified by the Department of State to provide BAIIDs to Michigan drivers pursuant to a section of the Motor Vehicle Code, MCL 257.625k. The Department received complaints about this practice from consumers, probation officers, and judges.

“Intoxalock caused stress and financial harm to residents by using solicitations that were designed to resemble mail from a government or court entity,” Nessel said. “When deceptive marketing sinks to this level, my Consumer Protection team will not hesitate to intervene.”

The Michigan Department of Attorney General addresses over 30,000 consumer complaints annually. For information about popular consumer scams, or if you believe you’ve been a victim, contact the Consumer Protection team Monday-Friday at 877-765-8388 or complete the online complaint form.

May 5, 2023, Update:  After cooperating with AG Nessel’s investigation, Intoxalock has made changes to its mailer that were sufficient to close this investigation. Details can be found here 


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