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Court to Order Dissolution of American Air Mavericks, AG Nessel Secures Settlement with LLC and Owner

LANSING – Yesterday, an agreement for the dissolution of the business entity American Air Mavericks and permanently barring owner Roman Choumeliski from establishing any legal entities in the State of Michigan was presented to the Circuit Court for Kalamazoo County, announced Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. The State sued for this relief in October, alleging fraud committed in the legal establishment of the business and repeated and willful unlawful business practices. 

The lawsuit alleged Choumeliski, a Florida resident, fraudulently established a limited liability company (LLC) named ‘24/7 AD Cleaning’, doing business as ‘American Air Mavericks’, by using the address of a short-term rental in Kalamazoo as the ‘resident agent address’. The Department argued Choumeliski rented the property for three nights, and during this time filed the LLC formation paperwork with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. This would constitute a violation of the Limited Liability Company Act. 

“The dissolution of this business will no doubt protect consumers from what we saw as the unlawful and predatory business practices employed by American Air Mavericks,” said Nessel. “And this case should be taken as a warning to anyone treating the creation of a business in Michigan as some kind of game.” 

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, a stipulated order for the dissolution of American Air Mavericks and enjoining Choumeliski from creating future businesses in Michigan has been presented to the Court for entry. In addition, Choumeliski will pay $10,000 to the State of Michigan. The settlement also recognizes that Choumeliski denies any wrongdoing, and that it has been entered into to avoid the time and expense of litigation.

The Attorney General had alleged in the lawsuit a repeated and willful use of illegal business practices harming consumers.  

The lawsuit alleged American Air Mavericks violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act (MCPA) by deceptively representing their geographic origin, making false or misleading statements concerning price reductions, and employing gross discrepancies between oral representations and written agreements covering transactions or failing to provide promised services. 

Consumer complaints cited in the lawsuit, described in complaints or reviews submitted to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), contend the company has double-charged customers, fabricated findings of black mold to justify exorbitant price increases from previously quoted prices, engaged in high-pressure demands for unexpectedly large sums of cash based upon false pretenses, inadequately performed or entirely failed to perform agreed-upon services, and ignored customer contact attempts to secure refunds or repairs.  

In one instance reported to the BBB, employees refused to leave a customer’s property until she produced a large amount of cash, well above their agreed-upon quoted price. 

The lawsuit additionally contended American Air Mavericks engaged in fraudulent marketing tactics intentionally impersonating would-be customers on neighborhood group pages or utilizing pop-up ads on social media platforms that suggest to consumers that someone in their neighborhood is already utilizing the services of the company. In at least one instance, a defrauded customer contends they first engaged with American Air Mavericks by responding to a fake community post encouraging ‘neighbors’ to sign-up for services to obtain a group discount. 

“Michigan consumers should maintain a healthy skepticism of advertisements or recommendations on neighborhood boards and localized social media pages. These are both trusted and easily infiltrated spaces scammers and disreputable businesses will use to find potential victims,” said Nessel when announcing the lawsuit in October. “Research potential contractors and service providers on public forums such as the Better Business Bureau before committing to a deal.”

Michigan consumers who suspect they are the victims of illegal or predatory business practices are encouraged to contact the Department of Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Team.  

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