Participant File Forms

At the minimum, participant files must contain the following, if applicable:

Participant File Checklist

Homelessness or At-Risk of Homelessness Certification:

Rapid Re-Housing Certification     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Homelessness Prevention Certification     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Self-Certification     [ Spanish / Arabic ]

Waiver of SER Denial Letter     [ Spanish / Arabic ]


Verification of Income     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Third Party Verification of Income (if applicable​)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Income Eligibility Worksheet - Income Limits 5/1/20, FMR 10/1/20
New!- Income Eligibility Worksheet - Income Limits 5/1/21, FMR 10/1/20


Notice of Inspection (optional)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Habitability Standards Inspection Checklist     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Inspection Deficiencies Notice (optional)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Delayed Exterior Repair Agreement (optional)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]

Lead-Based Paint:

Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and its Hazards (if applicable​)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Lead-Based Paint Property Owner Certification (if applicable​)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]

Participant Acknowledgment     [ Spanish / Arabic ]

Notice of Occupancy Rights under the Violence Against Women Act     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home

Rental Assistance Agreement with Lease Addendum     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Landlord Incentive Repair and Maintenance Form (if applicable​)     [ Spanish / Arabic ]
Request for Taxpayer ID (W-9)
Housing Plan (Hard Copy)


Go Section 8 Rent Reasonableness

Registration for Use of Go Section 8

Registration User Guide
Registration Security Agreement

Using Go Section 8

Using Go Section 8 Training Webinar
Create a Rent Reasonableness Certification User Guide
Complete a Work in Progress Certification User Guide
Certify a Similar Subject Unit User Guide
Search for Previous Rent Reasonableness Certification User Guide
Recertification of a Subject Unit User Guide

Landlord Documents

Property Owner Checklist
Comparable Dispute Form