Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program

In support of the Campaign to End Homelessness in Michigan, changes to the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program promote Housing First through prevention and rapid re-housing activities. Therefore, at a regional and community level it is essential for all working with those in poverty and homelessness to recognize the proven need to move from a shelter based program to a Housing First program where prevention and rapid re-housing are key.

FY2020-2021 ESG

Notice of Funding Availability (posted 7/28/20)
Application (posted 7/28/20) Must be completed/submitted via MATT 2.0
Exhibit 1 (posted 7/7/20)
Conflict of Interest Certification (posted 7/15/20)
Fair Housing Agreement (posted 7/15/20)
Minimum Standards for Emergency Shelter Certification (posted 7/15/20)


Notice of Funding Availability (posted 6/4/20)
Memorandum of Understanding (posted 4/30/20)
Application (posted 6/10/20) 

Budget Component Detail (posted 5/20/20)
Administrative Compliance Certification (posted 4/30/20)
Conflict of Interest Certification (posted 4/30/20)
Fair Housing Agreement (posted 4/30/20)
Minimum Standards for Emergency Shelter Certification (posted 4/30/20)
Single Audit Certification (posted 4/30/20)

50% Area Median Income Chart (posted 6/5/20)

ESG-CV & FEMA Powerpoint Presentation 5/7/20 (posted 5/11/20)

ESG-CV & FEMA Webinar Recording 5/7/20 (posted 5/12/20)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) ESG Updates - Impacts for both ESG-CV and FY2019-2020 ESG Funding

Policy and Procedure Updates for COVID-19 (posted 6/4/20)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for COVID-19 (posted 6/4/20)

FY2019-2020 ESG: Updated Charts

120% Fair Market Rent Chart (posted 4/10/20)
30% Area Median Income Chart (posted 6/5/20)

Policy and Procedures

Billing and Reporting Procedures
Eligible Expense Guide (posted 6/23/20)
Policy and Procedures
Travel Rates - Effective January 1, 2020
Utility Allowance Schedule - Effective January 1, 2020

MATT 2.0

Adding Staff to Partnership Profile User Guide
Grantee ESG Application Guide
Grantee ESG FSR User Guide
Grantee Amendment Guide
Partnership Profile User Guide

Go Section 8 Rent Reasonableness

Registration for Use of Go Section 8

Registration User Guide
Registration Security Agreement

Using Go Section 8

Using Go Section 8 Training Webinar
Create a Rent Reasonableness Certification User Guide
Complete a Work in Progress Certification User Guide
Certify a Similar Subject Unit User Guide
Search for Previous Rent Reasonableness Certification User Guide
Recertification of a Subject Unit User Guide

Landlord Documents

Property Owner Checklist
Comparable Dispute Form

Participant Forms

Grant Management Materials

Cost Allocation Plan Model
Consumer Satisfaction Survey
Housing Plan (Hard Copy)
ESG Timesheet Example

Grantee/Subgrantee Monitoring Checklist (posted 7/28/20)
Emergency Shelter Monitoring Checklist (posted 7/28/20)
Participant File Monitoring Checklist (posted 7/28/20)

Resources & Webinars

HUD Equal Access Rule Fact Sheet
VAWA Webinar


As you may know, cases of fraud in the use of state and federal housing dollars are not uncommon. Fraud prevention and detection is a part of every agency's responsibility. In an effort to prevent fraud, MSHDA is asking all agencies using ESG to have an active Fraud Policy that works to prevent fraud and addresses how fraud will be handled if it occurs.

Please visit the following websites to help develop your own Fraud Policies and Guidelines and once completed, please provide to each staff member and to your MSHDA Homeless Assistance Specialist.