Mission and Strategic Goals

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We serve the people of Michigan by partnering to provide quality housing that is affordable, a cornerstone of diverse, thriving communities.


Make Michigan a place where all people have quality affordable housing as a foundation to reach their full potential.

Guiding Principles

People First

We put people first and respect our customers and staff. We listen, exchange information, and are responsive.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We pursue equitable housing outcomes for underserved populations, including but not limited to race, gender, disability, religion, age, weight, socioeconomic status, and LGBTQ+.

Decision Making

We use reliable data to make evidence-based and fiscally sound decisions to support our mission.  We pursue continuous improvement and manage our time, talent, and financial resources effectively and efficiently.

Partner Collaboration

We engage our partners to promote innovative, sustainable housing solutions.

Strategic Focus Areas

Build equitable pathways to housing programs and services

Design and implement programs that provide equal access to resources.

Support access to homeownership opportunities

Increase homeownership for underserved populations through housing education and investment.

Rehabilitate Michigan’s aging housing stock

Address deteriorating structures through housing rehabilitation programs.

Invest in Michigan communities based on need

Increase access to housing opportunities in rural communities and urban neighborhoods.

Collaborate to address housing needs in Michigan

Partner with state departments and others to create a statewide housing plan that will identify housing resources and strategies.

Provide innovative rental housing solutions

Use reliable data to make evidence-based decisions for those most in need, including seniors and persons with disabilities.

Reduce homelessness

Invest in best practices that move the homeless to housed.


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