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Housing Choice Voucher Program Overview

This federal program provides rent subsidies for very low income people who find their own housing in private homes and apartment buildings. MSHDA administers approximately 28,000 Housing Choice Vouchers. Renters can find more information in our "Guidelines for Tenants" brochure. Landlords can find more information in our "Landlord Guidelines" brochure.

When a family is determined to be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, MSHDA must ensure that the family fully understands the way the program operates and the family's obligations under the program. This is accomplished through both an oral briefing and provision of a briefing packet containing the HUD-required documents and other information the family needs to know in order to lease a unit under the program. The briefing also provides a broad description of owner and family responsibilities and MSHDA's procedures. Applicants can view more information on MSHDA's briefing in the Housing Choice Voucher Applicant Briefing presentation.

Portability in the HCV program refers to the process through which a family can transfer or "port" their rental assistance when they move to a new location outside of jurisdiction of the Public Housing Agency (PHA) that first gave them a voucher and/or rental assistance.  Click here for more information on Portability. 

HUD regulations encourage applicants with Housing Choice Vouchers to look for housing outside of concentrated areas, maps are available to identify those areas.

Please see the HCV Waiting List Information page for information on waiting lists, applying, and the current status (open or closed) for each list.

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program may qualify for other opportunities such as the Family Self-Sufficiency and Key to Own Homeownership programs.

To view MSHDA's policies for administering the Housing Choice Voucher programs in a manner consistent with HUD requirements and to carry out the goals and objectives contained in the MSHDA Public Housing Authority Plan, visit the HCV Administrative plan page.

To apply for a project-based voucher (subsidized housing at specified developments within the state) for homeless persons with special needs, veterans, elderly, and domestic violence survivors, please contact the housing agent listed for the specific development you wish to live at for more information. Developments and agent contacts are available in the Development Listing with HCV/PBV rental assistance.

The HUD VASH Program is for homeless veterans. It combines the HUD Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance with case management services from a VA Medical Center. View the following page for more information: HUD VASH Vouchers

For information on your rights under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), visit the Violence Against Women Act of 2013 (VAWA) page.

For information on your rights as a participant in the Housing Choice Voucher Program to dispute an action taken by MSHDA, see our page How to Request an Informal Hearing.  

If you are interested in becoming a MSHDA Housing Agent, please visit the Requirements to be a MSHDA Housing Agent page.