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Crime Victim Rights

Victim Advocates

  • Victim Advocates provide comprehensive services to assist victims through the criminal justice system. 

    Services include court accompaniment, court notification, preparing victims for testimony, crisis intervention, providing emotional support, ensuring victims understand the criminal justice system and their rights under the Crime Victim Rights Act. They also connect victims to community resources and referrals. 

    Advocates assist victims with filing Crime Victim Compensation claims and Michigan Crime Victim Notification registration.

    • General Criminal Questions - 313-456-0040
    • Clergy Abuse & Boy Scouts of America - 517-241-3001
    • Criminal Child Support - 517-335-7560
    • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault - 517-927-2957
    • Elder Abuse - 517-335-7560
    • Human Trafficking - 313-456-0131


Address Confidentiality Program Act

COVID-19 and the Court Systems

  • COVID-19 has made the court systems re-evaluate how to proceed during a national pandemic.

    Many cases have been adjourned and rescheduled for later dates, some hearings are being held via video conference, or live streamed. This has caused new issues that law enforcement officials are working through on a case by case basis.

    Our advocates can help navigate this rapidly changing situation by keeping you informed of options and updates as soon as their available. Situations like this are why victim advocates are so crucial to the criminal justice process.

Walk Me Through the Legal Process

    1. Report the crime to law enforcement. If you don't report the crime, you cannot exercise your rights. No investigation will occur. No one will be arrested and tried in court.
    2. Law enforcement investigates the crime. They may interview witnesses, take photographs of the crime scene, look for fingerprints, etc.
    3. Warrant request. If law enforcement thinks their investigation has gathered enough evidence, they will submit a warrant request to the prosecutor with suggested criminal charges. The prosecutor may ask law enforcement to do further investigation. If there is sufficient evidence, the prosecutor may authorize an arrest warrant.
    4. Arrest. Law enforcement takes the suspect into custody and lodges them in the county jail.

Types of Crime

What is Crime Victim Compensation?

Crime Victim Compensation

  • Crime victim compensation may help crime victims, who sustained a personal physical injury, and their immediate families with the financial costs of crime. 

    Crime victim compensation may pay some of the costs incurred as the result of a person being injured or killed during a crime. 

    Crime victim compensation does not pay for stolen or damaged property.

    Crime victim compensation does not reimburse costs paid by medical insurance, auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, worker's compensation, veteran's benefits, social security benefits, or any other source.

Crime Victim Financial Assistance

  • Up to $25,000 total in eligible costs, including:

    • Up to $350 for each week of lost earnings or support
    • Out-of-pocket costs, such as medical services required by the victim's injury
    • Funeral expenses, up to $5,000
    • Grief counseling for certain family members, up to $500
    • Up to $500 for crime scene clean-up if the crime occurred in the victim's home or the home of certain family members
    • Up to 35 hours of psychological counseling

Do I Qualify for Crime Victim Compensation?

  • The law requires that:

    • You must have suffered a physical injury due to a crime, or you incurred funeral expenses
    • With only a few specified exceptions, the crime must have been reported to law enforcement within 48 hours.
    • You must cooperate with the law enforcement investigation
    • Generally, you must have lost a minimum of $200 in out-of-pocket expenses, or lost at least 2 continuous weeks or earnings or support
    • A claim must be filed within one year of the crime. There are some very limited exceptions to this deadline.

    Crime Victim Services Commission


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