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Crime Victim Services Commission

Crime Victim Services Commission

Crime Victim Services Commission

About the Commission

The Crime Victim Services Commission (CVSC), within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, provides reimbursement expenses for innocent crime victims who suffer a physical injury. CVSC is the state agency charged with overseeing a wide range of funding and services for victims of crime. Its goal is to promote services that protect and enhance the health, safety, dignity, and rights of victims of crime across the state of Michigan.

The Commission consists of five members, with no more than three being from the same political party. Each member is appointed by the Governor and serves a three-year term. Commission members include a practicing attorney, a county prosecutor, a law enforcement officer, a member of the medical profession and a community-based victim advocate. Members are appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate.

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Learn More about Crime Victim Compensation

If you or someone you know is a victim of crime, certain expenses may qualify for Crime Victim Compensation coverage. This program may help pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost earnings, funeral bills, counseling, or other expenses for people who have been harmed as the direct result of a crime. 

Visit the Michigan Crime Victim Compensation Program page to learn more. 

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