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ACP Participants

Address Confidentiality Program participants will receive:

  • A welcome packet.
  • A participant ID card.
  • A designated address to use instead of your actual address.

 Mail forwarding

All mail and other communication sent to your designated address will be forwarded to your actual address by the ACP.  This helps to keep your actual address confidential.

  • ACP will not forward 3rd class mail or packages.
  • ACP will not forward mail to non-participants in your household.
  • Your mail may be delayed between 3-5 days.

Do not file a change of address with the post office by doing so, it will make the address public.

Participant Must Notify the ACP Within 30 Days of a:

  • Change of confidential address
  • Change of mailing address
  • Name change
  • Addition or removal of minors or wards
  • Change of email address
  • Change of phone number

Participants who wish to cancel their participation in the program must submit a notarized request in writing. Participation is terminated upon receipt of the request, and mail will be returned to the sender.

Renewal Process

Your participation in the ACP is valid for four years and can be renewed if needed.  You will receive a renewal notice from the ACP before your participation expires.  See the instructions below on how to renew your ACP participation.

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ACP Participants

Find a Certified Application Assistant or Victim Advocate Near You

If a victim advocate is not currently available in your area, the Department of Attorney General can help register you and/or your family. Please contact 313-456-0190 and ask for an Address Confidentially Advocate.

Call the ACP at 313-456-0190 for any changes.