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AG Nessel Announces Human Trafficking Commission's Annual Report

LANSING — To conclude Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel today is sharing the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission's 2022 Annual Report, which is now available on the newly launched Michigan Human Trafficking Commission website. This annual report is provided to the Governor and Legislature each year to summarize the Commission’s efforts. Copies will be delivered today. The full 2022 report is available here.

“This year’s report is a testament to the progress being made for survivors of human trafficking," Nessel said. “The critical work of the Human Trafficking Commission, its committees, and local and state law enforcement has helped us focus on the corners of our state where human traffickers operate, which has allowed us to raise awareness of this offense and ensure survivors know they are not alone.”

The work of the Commission is accomplished through seven committees:

  1. Data Collection and Research
  2. Funding and Resources
  3. Policy and Legislation
  4. Public Awareness
  5. Training and Education
  6. Victim Services
  7. Courts/Summit

One of the biggest accomplishments from 2022 was the continued work of creating standards demonstrated in the Commission publishing the “Guiding Principles for Agencies Serving Survivors of Human Trafficking” and standardized data collection categories.

The Commission has continued its public awareness efforts through updates.  Every time a new resource is available, it's announced through the Commission's updates page online. Residents can sign up online to receive Commission updates. 

The Commission continued its training efforts by providing Sex Trafficking Investigations for Law Enforcement: Sleuthing Force, Fraud or Coercion-Dispelling the "Consensual" Myth,” which will likely be repeated this spring.

The Michigan Human Trafficking Commission which works to direct state policy on human trafficking, is housed within the Department of Attorney General.  In addition, the department works to combat trafficking beyond hosting the Commission.

Throughout the past year, Nessel has met with local organizations and law enforcement agencies to raise awareness on the signs of trafficking and joined a national bipartisan effort to protect trafficking survivors. Since 2011, the Department of Attorney General has provided training to more than 3,000 professionals and filed charges against 35 individuals for human trafficking, which all led to arrests. The Department also has successfully convicted 29 people, with cases against several additional defendants pending.

More information on the Human Trafficking Commission and how to report and identify the crime is available here.


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