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AG Nessel Issues ‘Lottery Club’ Guidance Ahead of Powerball Drawing Worth Billions

LANSING Ahead of Saturday’s Powerball Drawing, which could be worth nearly $1.25 billion, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel wants to remind residents that gambling should be done responsibly and cautions Michigan residents who are eager to improve their chances by joining “lottery clubs.” 

Nessel reminds residents, first and foremost, that gambling should be engaged in only as a form of entertainment and encourages Michigan residents to develop guidelines for when and how much to gamble if they are determined to participate in gambling. If gambling is a problem for you or someone in your life, please seek help through the Michigan Problem Gambling Help Line online or by calling 800-270-7117.

“Gambling should always be done for fun, and not for an investment into your future,” said Nessel. “It’s important that Michigan residents understand how to seek help if gambling is interfering with their life and understand Michigan’s gambling laws when gambling with friends or coworkers.” 

For growing jackpots, “lottery clubs” are often formed, with the hope to increase the winning odds by combining money together from multiple people in order to purchase more tickets than one may on their own. In the state of Michigan, “lottery clubs” are legal as long as no one receives money for running the “club” other than the Michigan Lottery’s established price for lottery tickets the club purchases. Anyone can form a lottery club with other players of legal playing age. Michigan lottery clubs can also form after a drawing date has taken place and still claim the prize. 

Michigan Lottery advises as follows: 

If two or more people want to file a joint claim for a lottery prize, they first must establish a “lottery club.” To establish a “lottery club,” it is recommended that each club create a set of by-laws and appoint a club representative. Otherwise, the Bureau of State Lottery can only accept a claim in the name and taxpayer identification number of one person. When the club wins a lottery prize greater than $600, the club will be required to notify the Bureau of State Lottery of all of the individuals receiving a portion of the winnings. Further guidance on establishing a Lottery Club can be found on the Michigan Lottery website.


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