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The Attorney General Opinions are presented online for informational use only and do not replace the official versions.

NOTE: Attorney General Opinions issued for the period 1/01/1963 through 12/31/1976 are in Adobe Acrobat format, and may be searched by the opinion number and headnote search functions.

Opinions issued from 1977 forward may be searched by the opinion number, keywords, subjects, headnotes, and text search functions. All Opinions are included in the numerical and chronological Lists of Opinions.

NOTICE: The Attorney General opinions spanning the 1977-1996 period, numbering nearly 1,800, were prepared for publication on this website by automated processes. If you encounter an error in the opinions text, or the keyword or subject lists (such as garbled text, missing keywords, incorrect subject text, etc.), please make us aware of the error so that we may correct it. Send us the opinion number and a brief description of the error by email.

Can I obtain an Attorney General's Opinion on a legal matter?



It is the duty of the Attorney General to give her opinion upon all questions of law submitted to her by the Legislature, by the governor, auditor general, treasurer or any other state official.

If the opinion request is granted, it is assigned to an assistant attorney general having recognized expertise in the relevant area of the law. This attorney is expected to prepare a thoroughly researched and well-written draft. The Assistant Attorney General for Law then reviews the draft to assure it is legally sound and performs any editing that may be needed before sending the draft to the Chief Legal Counsel. The draft also may be circulated to other attorneys within the Department of Attorney General for additional substantive review. Drafts of most formal opinions and some letter opinions are first submitted for consideration and approval by the Attorney General's Opinion Review Board (ORB), before submission to the Attorney General for his review. Given the time and attention accorded these matters, the opinions process may take several months to complete depending upon the complexity of the question presented.