When your retirement application is processed, we forward your insurance enrollment information to your chosen health, dental, and vision insurance carriers. You should receive insurance identification cards a few weeks after your pension begins.
As a retiree, your state-sponsored life insurance continues for you and your dependents at no charge to you. Your coverage is 25 percent of the coverage you carried when you left work; your dependents' policies are capped at $1,000 each.
Eligible dependents for health, dental, and vision insurance plans include your spouse (as long as he or she is not also enrolled separately as an eligible state employee or retiree) and your unmarried children by birth, legal adoption, or legal guardianship who are in your custody and dependent on you for support.
The state of Michigan now offers individual Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) through LifeSecure. To view LTC plan details, visit the Employee Benefits Division of the Michigan Civil Service Commission under Retiree Eligibility. If you previously enrolled in a state-sponsored LTC plan with Prudential or MetLife, you can call the vendor directly. For the Prudential Long-Term Care plan, call 800-732-0416 for assistance. For MetLife, call 800-438-6388 for assistance.