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Deferred Retirement



If you leave state police employment with more than 10 years of service (YOS), but fewer than 25 YOS, and have not taken a refund of any personal contributions on account, you will qualify for a deferred retirement pension at age 50. Deferred retirement is not the same as being a Deferred Retirement Option Plan participant.

All deferred pension recipients are eligible for health, dental, and vision benefits. However, life insurance is not available.

For information about survivor benefits for deferred members, see Nonduty Pre-Retirement Survivor Pension.


Your annual pension benefit for a deferred retirement is calculated by multiplying your final average compensation by 2% times your YOS.


Your pension may only be deferred if your separation from the state police did not involve a breach of the public trust. 

To apply

miAccount is the fastest and easiest way to apply for retirement - five simple steps and you're done. You can also use the Retirement or DROP Application (R0732H) form to apply. However, the preferred method is to apply with miAccount. See details on How to Apply.

Be sure to apply for your deferred retirement pension at least 30 days, but no more than 90 days, before your 50th birthday. Your pension won't be any higher if you wait, and you could even lose money because we can't pay retroactively.