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Who Is a Member?

As an enlisted officer, you are a member of the Michigan State Police Retirement System. Your membership in the plan is automatic when you complete recruit school and subscribe to the constitutional oath of office.

You may be active, deferred, or retired.

Participants in the retirement system are classified in one of the following categories:

Active member. You are on the state police payroll. You are considered an active member while laid off or on a leave of absence as long as an employee/employer relationship exists. If you are participating in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) and receiving employee wages, you are considered an active member.

Deferred member. You stop working as an enlisted officer before you are old enough to draw your pension, but after you are vested. You are vested when you have the equivalent of 10 or more years of full‑time Michigan State Police employment. To remain vested, you need to leave any personal contributions on account, where they continue to earn interest. You will be a deferred member until you apply for your pension at age 50.

Retiree. You are receiving a pension (disability or retirement) from the retirement system.

If you work for the Michigan State Police but are not an enlisted officer, you are not a member of this plan. However, you may have retirement benefits as a State of Michigan employee. Contact your human resources office or the Michigan Office of Retirement Services if you're not sure which plan you're in.