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Duty Pre-Retirement Survivor Pension

Your family may be eligible for a duty survivor pension if you are killed in the line of duty or die from injuries or an illness resulting from your occupation with the Michigan State Police.

Eligibility for survivor benefits starts on the first day of the month following your death.

Eligible recipients

  • If you are married with children under age 18, your spouse will receive full survivor benefits for their lifetime. In addition, your children under age 18 will receive $100 per month.
  • If you are married with no children, your spouse receives full survivor benefits for their lifetime.
  • If you do not have a surviving spouse or your surviving spouse dies, your children under age 18 will receive full survivor benefits divided equally between them. The survivor benefit will stop on their 18th birthdays and be divided equally between any other children under age 18. This recalculation continues until the youngest child reaches age 18.
  • If you have no spouse and no children under age 18, full survivor benefits can be payable to your mother or father, or both, if they were dependent on you for support. The survivor benefit stops when the dependency stops.
  • If a parent is not dependent on you for support when you die, any siblings under age 18 will receive $100 per month.
  • If you have no dependents, your estate will receive any personal contributions plus interest you may have on the account, or $1,500, whichever is greater.


The amount of the survivor benefit is 60% of your final average compensation.


The survivor benefit, in addition to any weekly workers' compensation, cannot exceed your two-year average annual salary immediately before your death.

To apply

Your survivor should contact the Michigan Office of Retirement Services as soon as possible in the event of your death. We will review your account and determine what benefits are payable, if any, and to whom.

If a benefit is payable, the appropriate person(s) will be notified and mailed the proper forms to complete.