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How to Purchase Service Credit

Begin your purchase by following the application guidelines provided in the Types of Service Credit section. After receiving your request, we will check your eligibility and determine if a purchase is necessary. If the credit has no cost, you will receive a letter stating the service credit type and amount being credited to your account. If you must purchase the service, you will receive a Member Billing Statement.

The Member Billing Statement outlines the type of service you can purchase, how much service, the cost, and the due date. You're not obligated to purchase the credit, nor are you obligated to purchase by the due date shown on the billing statement. However, if you don't purchase the service credit reflected on your bill before the due date, you will have to request another billing statement with updated cost information.

Remember, service credit cannot be purchased or granted after you terminate your Michigan State Police employment.

You can pay for your service credit by sending a check or money order or by "rolling over" money you have in another retirement account (plan-to-plan transfer). Details can be found under Ways to Purchase.