Avoid Errors on the Pension Election and Spousal Waiver Form

If you're married and name someone other than your spouse as your beneficiary, or you elect any option other than the 100 percent survivor option, your spouse must waive his or her right to your pension by signing the Pension Election and Spousal Waiver (R0869G) form in the presence of a notary public. The three most common mistakes we see on this form are:

  1. Eraser marks or visible corrections
  2. Missing signature(s)
  3. The signature dates don’t match for the applicant and notary or for the spouse and notary (see image below) 

sample form showing which dates need to match for a successful form

Tips to avoid these errors:

Print two or more copies of the Pension Election and Spousal Waiver form and take them with you to the notary. If you, your spouse, or the notary makes an error, you can start over with a blank copy. 

We cannot complete processing your application until a good version of this form is on file with our office.


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