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Covered Employees and Conservation Officers

Covered Employees

If you're a covered employee (responsible for the care and supervision of prisoners), you may qualify to receive a supplemental pension in addition to your regular pension until age 62 if you meet eligibility requirements. To calculate your pension, calculate your straight life pension, which is your final average compensation (FAC) times 1.5% times your years of service (YOS), and add it to your supplemental pension (FAC times 0.5% times your covered YOS). The month after you turn age 62, your supplemental pension will stop, and you will receive your regular pension only.

If you're in the DB/DC Blend Plan, you'll still receive your supplemental pension if you meet eligibility requirements when you terminate employment. Your FAC and YOS are both determined as of the day before you begin in the Defined Contribution Plan.

After you calculate your straight life benefit, you can go on to figure your pension under any of the survivor options. Because covered employees qualify under special eligibility rules, you cannot choose the early reduced benefit or equated plans.

Conservation Officers

If you're a conservation officer, your annual pension will be 60% of your two-year FAC.