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Universal Buy-In



Any contributing member of the State Employees' Retirement System Defined Benefit (DB) Plan can purchase up to 5 years of universal buy-in (UBI) service. It is called universal because it may be purchased without being linked to any previous employment.


  • This service cannot be used to satisfy vesting requirements.
  • UBI credit replaces medical leave of absence, fee branch manager, and Vista/Peace Corps service credit purchase options that were eliminated from law as of Aug. 1, 1998. 
  • You may purchase up to 5 years of UBI service; however, this amount is offset by any previous medical leave of absence, Vista/Peace Corps, and/or fee branch manager service purchases you have made. For example, if you already purchased 2 years of medical leave of absence service, you could purchase up to a total of 3 years of universal buy-in credit.
  • You cannot purchase more than 10 years total from any combination of universal buy-in, parental leave, or other governmental service.
  • You must be a contributing member of the DB Plan to initiate a purchase.


You may purchase any fraction of a year increment. Your cost for each year purchased will be a percentage of your previous highest fiscal year (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30) income earned as a State of Michigan employee. That percentage, or actuarial rate, is found in the Actuarial Cost Table.


Request a member billing statement as described in How to Purchase.