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State Police



If you are a former Michigan State Police officer, separated from that agency, and will not be entitled to a pension benefit from the Michigan State Police Retirement System, you may receive credit for that service under this retirement system.


  • You may use this credit to satisfy the vesting requirements.
  • No partial credit can be granted. Any purchase or transfer must be for all of your prior Michigan State Police service, or none can be credited.


There is no cost for the transfer of credit if your pre-1974 contributions remain on deposit with the Michigan State Police Retirement System (you did not receive a refund of your contributions when you left the system).

If you took a refund of pre-1974 contributions, you must repay the total amount refunded, plus compounded interest, to receive credit for your state police service.

If you began working in the Michigan State Police Retirement System after July 1, 1974, and never made contributions to the system, you may transfer your state police service at no cost.


To receive credit for this service, contact the Michigan Office of Retirement Services.