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How to Apply

Apply for Retirement

miAccount is a fast and easy way to apply for retirement— five simple steps and you're done!

Before you apply:

  • Complete the Preparing to Apply for Retirement (R0870G) checklist to gather everything you'll need to complete your application.
  • Use the Countdown to Retirement checklist to help you prepare for retirement.
  • Don't forget to notify your human resources office you intend to retire.
  • We recommend that you submit your retirement application and mail photocopies of your proofs to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) at least three months before your retirement effective date. Since we cannot pay retroactively, you could end up losing benefits if you apply after the month you terminate employment.

    What you will need

    ORS cannot process your retirement until you submit a complete, error-free application. Make sure all forms requiring notarization are signed in the presence of a notary public. You must also sign the Retirement Checklist page and return it to ORS along with all required documents.

    You'll need to also provide photocopies of the following:

    (do not mail in original documents)
    When Required / Special Notes
    Proof of marriage. To name your spouse as pension beneficiary and/or enroll them in your insurances, you must provide a copy of your government-issued marriage certificate or matching addresses on valid driver's licenses or state ID and your most recent 1040 tax form showing filing married.
    Proof of age. See Proving Your Age for the list of proofs we can accept. If you elect a survivor option, you will also need to furnish proof of your beneficiary's age.

    Proof of your dependent's insurance eligibility.

    If you enroll your dependents under your insurance plan, you must provide photocopies of government-issued birth certificates as proof of age and relationship; court orders to prove legal guardianship; and to prove legal adoption during adoption proceedings, a sworn statement with the date of placement or a court order verifying placement is required. For any child aged 19 or older, we will also need tax returns as proof of dependency or a letter from your tax preparer (on letterhead) declaring your dependent is eligible but files their own taxes and school records to prove the child is enrolled at least half time in an accredited educational institution.

    If your dependent is a disabled child aged 19 or older and is covered by your State of Michigan insurance as an active employee, we will need a current letter from the attending physician stating the child is totally and permanently incapacitated due to physical or mental disability and is incapable of self-sustaining employment, along with any medical records or reports that substantiate the incapacitation occurred prior to age 19. We will verify with the Employee Benefits Division that the child is currently enrolled and was deemed incapacitated prior to age 19. If incapacitation was not previously established, the information will be passed over to the insurance carrier for a determination of eligibility. In addition, every year you may be asked to furnish proof of the continued condition and proof of dependency. Deferred applicants cannot enroll an incapacitated child aged 19 or older.
    Insurance information. For anyone covered under another plan, including Medicare, who is enrolling in health insurances, include that plan's information as requested on the retirement application.
    Social Security statement. If you elect the equated plan, you must provide a recent statement from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that estimates your full retirement age benefit. To obtain your estimate, you'll need to request a statement from the SSA website, documenting your age 65 benefit amount.

    Note: Write your name and member ID on all documents and proofs. Do not mail in original documents, as they will not be returned.