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Board Members

The State of Michigan Retirement Board provides oversight of the State Employees' Retirement System Defined Benefit plan, the Judges Retirement System Defined Benefit plan, and the Military Retirement System. The Governor appoints five of the nine members to represent active and retired state employees. Four Board members represent the state government offices that are required to participate in the Board. Upon expiration of a term a member may continue to serve, at the pleasure of the governor, until a successor is appointed.

Board Member Representing
Phil Thompson
Term expires Dec. 31, 2023
General Public
Ann Marie Storberg  for State Treasurer ex-officio
David A. Berridge 
Term expires Dec. 31, 2024
State Employees
John Gnodtke for State Personnel Director ex-officio
Lauri Schmidt
Term expires Dec. 31, 2023 
State Retirees
Lisa Geminick for Attorney General, ex officio
Craig Murray  Deputy Auditor General, ex officio
Judge David H. Sawyer?, Vice Chair
Term expires Dec. 31, 2021
Col. John Wojcik, Chair
Term expires Dec. 31, 2022
Michigan National Guard
Meg Skelley, Executive Secretary