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Equated and Survivor Options

You can choose any of the survivor options and can still choose the equated plan. These are known as the 100% equated, 75% equated, and 50% equated plan options.

To calculate your equated survivor benefit, we start with your applicable (100%, 75%, or 50%) survivor benefit amount. We then use that figure and your Social Security estimate at age 65 to determine your pre-65 and post-65 equated amount. 

If you are interested in creating a combined equated and survivor option pension estimate, log in to miAccount and select the Estimate Pension tab to get started. 

Additional notes about the equated survivor option.

  • If your beneficiary should die before you, your benefit will revert to a straight life equated plan.
  • Upon your death, your survivor will receive the standard survivor amount calculated under a 100%, 75%, or 50% survivor benefit, as if the equated plan had not been chosen.