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Figures Needed for FTE Reporting

Apportionment Factor Calculation

  • Michigan sales
  • Total sales everywhere

Business Income

  • Business Income
  • Positive business income received from all other flow-through entities

Additions to Business Income

  • Interest income and dividends derived from obligations or securities of states other than Michigan
  • Losses on the sale or exchange of certain obligations of the U.S. government
  • Charitable contributions
  • Taxes on or measured by net income, including the flow-through entity tax
  • Expenses of producing oil and gas
  • Expenses related to income derived from a mineral
  • Miscellaneous additions

Subtractions from Business Income

  • Income derived from U.S. government obligations, including income from their sale or exchange
  • Guaranteed payments for services rendered by individual member
  • Refunds received under the flow-through entity tax or city income tax
  • Income from the production of oil and gas
  • Income derived from a mineral
  • Miscellaneous subtractions

Reporting non-electing flow-through entity income

  • Name of non-electing entity
  • Total share of income
  • Additions
  • Subtractions
  • Michigan apportionment factor

Reporting member information - corporations, insurance companies and financial institutions

  • Name
  • Share of income
  • Michigan share of income

Reporting member information - individuals, fiduciaries and other flow-through entities

  • Name
  • Share of income
  • Michigan share of income
  • Share of flow-through entity tax eligible for credit