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Personal Property Tax

General Information

Personal Property Tax Exemptions
The General Property Tax Act provides for exemptions for certain categories of personal property including: Small Business Taxpayer Exemption, Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property and Act 328 – New Personal Property. This link will provide information on each of these exemptions including determining eligibility and how to claim the exemption.

ESA (Essential Services Assessment)
The Essential Services Assessment (ESA) is a state specific tax on eligible personal property owned by, leased to or in the possession of an eligible claimant. This link will provide information on ESA, who must pay ESA and how to file a statement and remit payment.

Personal Property Tax Reimbursements
The Local Community Stabilization Authority Act, 2014 PA 86, MCL 123.1341 to 1213.1362, provides for reimbursements to municipalities for operating and debt millages based on personal property taxable value declines and Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property (EMPP) acquisition costs.

Small Business Taxpayer Exemption (SBTE) Reimbursements

The Michigan Trust Fund Act, 2000 PA 489, MCL 12.253a, provides for reimbursements to municipalities for personal property tax revenue lost as a result of SBTE claims.  SBTE claims may be filed by taxpayers that own, lease, or possess eligible personal property having a combined true cash value equal to or greater than $80,000 but less than $180,000.


Personal Property Tax Forms
Links to forms required to be filled to pay personal property tax or to apply for personal property tax exemptions.